Culinary Arts

Future Builders cooking class is a hands-on, integrated experience that empowers students with the skills to be self-sufficient in the kitchen. Each week, students choose recipes, plan, cook, serve and enjoy a variety of delicious foods. Working in our authentic, family- style kitchen, students build confidence as they learn new techniques and expand their food horizons.  

              Participants celebrate and share their cooking by creating meals and treats for the staff and students.  Special events this year have included a harvest luncheon, chili cook-off, grilled cheese challenge, jac-o-lantern carving party, apple picking trip followed by pie making, holiday cookie extravaganza, and more.

Areas of Focus

• Recipe research

• Food budgeting and shopping

• Reading and converting recipes

• Basic kitchen math & measurement

• Culinary vocabulary

• Using kitchen tools & equipment

• Preparation and organization

• Basic cooking methods

• Plating and presentation

• Serving and etiquette

• Hospitality