This self-paced course promotes the use of skills promoted within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.) Students begin with an understanding of how robots effect our everyday lives and the impact that they have on the world. Using the Lego Mind Storm kit, participants build various robots and learn how to program them. Overtime, the complexity of their build and the actions in which they perform become more complex. The instructor’s role becomes less in the forefront and more on the sidelines, guiding and recommending what the student should or shouldn’t do. Students use real-life problem solving skills to modify their build and/or programs.

In every lesson in the FBS robotics curriculum, students follow a self-pace cycle that includes the following:

Build It - students design or follow steps in order to build a physical robot or part of an existing robot. It is during this time where they also connect external hardware that is necessary.

Learn It - at their own pace, students learn what components they will be using to program their robot. This is a very visual process, where diagrams and videos are utilized. Students then complete the program on their own.

Test It - students use what they have programmed to see if the robot demonstrates the desired behavior.

Modify It - students make adjustments to the build and/or program until the robot’s behavior is successfully executed.

At the conclusion, students complete challenges that are meant to apply the skills learned in the current and previous lessons. These are designed to serve as a capstone and require mastery of all previous content before moving forward.

Areas of Focus

• 1:1 student to kit ratio

• 1:3 student to teacher ratio

• Aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the Common Core

• Self-paced curriculum