This program involves exploring the pleasures of woodworking and carpentry through hands on learning. Curriculum is extracted through individual and team projects with the assistance, insight and expertise of trade seasoned instructors. Woodworking and carpentry is a gradual process where students receive increasing satisfaction and daily rewards through the process of working with wood. The program combines personal social skills with employment competencies to teach skills in planning, organization, wood & materials selection, measurement, as well as basic woodworking skills. These include cutting and shaping wood, assembling, gluing, sanding, and finishing.

Woodworking and carpentry depend on an understanding of elementary principals of patience, care, attention to detail, accuracy, and an appreciation for safety. Woodworking and carpentry continually promote planning and organization as means to developing self-confidence through perseverance and immediate gratification. The true nature of woodworking is realized through a journey of discovery which unfolds through this experience. Students become more confident allowing them to increase their comfort zone, gain technical skills, and obtain satisfaction from the projects they create. An increase in self esteem is a natural result of the acquisition of these skills.

Areas of Focus

• Construction planning and blueprint reading

• Layout

• Framing

• Finish carpentry

• Tool identification and safe operation

• Traditional and Rustic Furniture fabrication

• Essential reading and math

• Employment and personal-social skills