Digital Media

Digital Media is a massive discipline to cover, but at Future Builders we do our best to introduce as many areas of the discipline to the students as possible.

Students begin with learning the fundamentals of 2D digital design, focusing in the areas of photo manipulation, graphic design, vector illustration and desktop publishing. From there students work their way up to more advanced areas such as digital video shooting and editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, web site design, stop motion animation, and digital compositing through the use of a green screen. This is expanded upon when students have the opportunity to explore sound design, foley, and music creation using digital recording techniques, MIDI keyboards, DJ controllers, and high end sound creation software during their time in Digital Media to score and enhance their projects with high end audio and music.

Once students have experienced several disciplines individually, we begin to work to bring them together and show how in the real world each one fits together with the next one to create real world projects such as movies, tv shows, video games, music albums, web videos and web sites with real world examples and projects that the students themselves create. This website in fact is partially produced and maintained by the students in the Digital Media theme.

Lastly, we also offer interested students the opportunity to explore some IT work as well when the opportunity arrises. Every year the schools computer labs and equipment are upgraded and maintained by willing students who wish to learn more about how their gear works. Interested students are taught IT skills related to upgrading hardware and software as well as trouble shooting common computer and networking issues to help round out their skill set in the ever advancing digital landscape.

Areas of Focus

• Graphic Deisgn

• Photo Manipulation

• Desktop Publishing

• Web Design

• Concept Design

• 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation

• Sound Design

• Digital Video Recording/Editing

• Motion Graphics

• Digital Compositing

• UIX Design

• Virual Reality