Leatherworking & Paracord

At Future Builders we have introduced the craft of leather working as a vocational theme.

Students learn to to identify different types, sizes, weight and parts of a leather hyde. Proper measuring skills are practiced in both metric and fractional standards. Tool identification, safe operation and demonstrations help students learn best practice for working leather into useful items. They are introduced to stamping, tooling and carving.

We discuss the various industries that use and make leather goods exploring different employment opportunities. Students start off making simple leather projects such as key chains, book marks and Christmas ornaments. They advance to belts, dog collars and small cases and pouches. Some of the skills students learn: cutting techniques, casing, edge treatments, burnishing, hand stitching, and the coloring process. Students are encourage to be creative as possible.


Paracord is a useful nylon cord with a 7 strand core. Countless weaves and braids can created to make many useful items. Students learn to measure accurately and plan the use of materials with a minimum of waste. Items can be made for personal us, gifts or for our consignment store inventory. Using this cord helps direct student focus and patience offering an opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Areas of Focus

• Learn to identify different leathers

• Design patterns

• Techniques for cutting leather


• Stamping and embellishments

• Coloring leather

• Hand stitching

• Key rings, belts, phone case and wallets

Paracord Topics

• Understand color coordination

• Measuring accurately

• Create bracelets, lanyards

• Following directions

• Use and care of tools

• Assist others with beginner skills

• Share resources