The Future Builders welding and metal theme helps students build skills in metal working, processing and welding.

Students start with lessons on safety learning how to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the best shop practices for tool use and procedures. We learn how to identify various metal and the respective properties of each. Students start learning how to set up the M.I.G. Welder and tune it for the material being used. An introduction to stick welding for various welding rods is provided. Proper position is stressed and starting practice beads are progressed into longer runs. Students become skilled at grinding as they practice on work pieces in the shop.

An environment of teamwork is fostered yet also provides room for personal projects. This year we have produced sculptures of birds, turtles, dogs, boxes, wood stoves, ice chisel and scoop as well as hobby rocket that flew over a thousand feet. Students will learn and demonstrate competency on tools such as the grinder, abrasive chop saw and oxy-acetylene torch.

Areas of Focus

• Identify metals

• Proper use of Protective

• Equipment

• Shop safety

• Measuring

• Metal cutting

• Grinding

• Position welding

• Weld bead variation

• Create table top sculpture

• Repair shop equipment

• Welding machine set up/operation

•Metal finishing and painting